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Frontline Plus: Effective flea medication for pets at Generic Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus, one of the best known flea control medication is extremely fast, effective as well as convenient treatment in terms of flea control for your dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. It can completely stop the infestations and at the same time kill the adult fleas, larvae and the flea eggs. As a flea medication it prevents all the stages of flea development and those fleas that can cause flea allergy dermatitis. Frontline Plus is now available in Generic Frontline Plus.

Apart from the branded Frontline Plus, this online pet pharmacy also deals with the generic version of Frontline Plus which is the Aspis Forte II. You don’t have to worry about the effectiveness of Aspis Forte since it contains the same ingredients as in Frontline Plus for both dogs and cats but of course at a much lesser cost.

Active ingredients in Frontline Plus and Aspis Forte flea control treatment

Frontline Plus and its generic alter ego Aspis Forte contains fipronil and S-methoprene as its main ingredients. Insect growth regulators like S-methoprene inhibits or in simple terms interrupts the life cycle of the parasites. When exposed to insect growth regulators, the fleas will never be able to fully develop into an adult jumping from here to there, biting in the process of sucking blood and most importantly reproducing more fleas.

This flea control treatment gathers in the oils of the skin as well as the hair follicles onto the skin and the fur coat. Thus, this gives effective flea control and at the same time provides long lasting activity against the fleas and ticks. It should be noted that the active ingredients in Frontline Plus and Aspis Forte are waterproof to the core therefore they are stored in the oil glands within the skin. It is from here where the medicine gets dispersed and is continuously released into the coat.

It can remain waterproof to up to 30 days i.e. almost a month. Not only that, it is so gentle that it has been approved for use in terms of puppies and kittens but they should be at least 8 weeks or older and can also be effectively used for breeding, pregnant and lactating dogs. Thus, Frontline plus and its generic version’s benefits include;

For best results, you need to apply this throughout the year. The product does not expire if it remains unopened and can turn out to be long lasting if stored according to the instructions. For more information on the product visit the official website of Generic Frontline Plus.

We feel proud to be one of the high-quality supplies of Generic and Brand Frontline Plus range products. We specialize inAspis Forte which is the generic equivalent of branded Frontline Plus